Major immigration change for Americans on Bonaire

Owning property on Bonaire just got a big boost, as you can now stay on island much longer without residency. And for people becoming resident here, the annual renewal process has been replaced by a new 5 year residence permit. Way less paperwork and cost. (Details from Bob Bartikoski, Re/Max Bonaire)

Good News for American Passport Holders!

We have just received some exciting news from the Immigration Office concerning visitation and residency for American Passport Holders: The Immigration Office of the RCN has informed us that USA passport holders will now be afforded the same visitation and residency right as Dutch passport holders who are originally from the Antilles. These changes will be implemented within the next few months and are outlined briefly below.

Visitors: American Passport holders will now be allowed to visit Bonaire for up to six months in any 12 month period. The old visitation rule limiting stays to 3 months out of six months no longer applies.

Prospective Residents: American Passport holders will now be allowed to apply immediately for “resident” status “by rule of law” which will allow them to apply one time for a Bonaire Residency permit that will remain valid for five years. This new policy applies to both “first-time” applicants for residency AND for those who are in the process of renewing their residency permits.