Providing legal, tax and financial consulting to US individuals and companies doing business in the Caribbean Netherlands (former Netherlands Antilles) from our base in Bonaire.


Please contact us for answers to tax questions about your investments, home purchase and sale, rentals, taxation of US and Bonairian income, residency and social security taxes.

We will specifically advise you on matters relating to the new tax rules as Bonaire and how they can benefit you.  Bonaire is now a special municipality within Holland, but we have very different tax laws here and generally lower rates.

If you are considering residency on Bonaire, you need to know how your income will be taxed both in the US and on Bonaire before you move.  We can design a customized solution taking into account both US and BES tax laws, with the goal of minimizing overall income and other taxes.

We work with all qualified local tax and accounting specialists here on Bonaire.